Naming of Buildings/Entities


This policy establishes guidelines for the naming and renaming of physical and academic entities in honour of persons, foundations and organisations, who by service, scholarships and donations, or sponsorship have made exceptional contributions to the Inanda Seminary.


In any naming system, there are always four major elements or constituents: these are:

  1. the names themselves;
  2. the named: those persons, places and entities which carry the names;
  3. the namers: those who do the naming, provide the names and make naming decisions;
  4. the context within which naming takes place.

Notwithstanding the valued history of the Inanda Seminary, the act of naming and renaming entities at the Inanda Seminary is to be handled with sensitivity and should be a process that is as inclusive as possible and should be consistent with the vision, mission, core values and goals of the Inanda Seminary.


  • Physical Entities - buildings, room/offices, laboratories, boardrooms, libraries, media centres, halls and blocks;
  • External Entities – sports fields, lawns, courtyards, gates, gardens and walkways;
  • Student Awards – scholarships, bursaries and academic/sporting prizes.


Categories from which naming of entities may come:

  • Gifts, Grants and Donations - There are instances when donors and grant-makers require donor recognition in terms of naming rights for their investment in the Inanda Seminary (not the fundraiser);
  • Honorific – A person/Persons that has/have made outstanding and significant contributions to the Inanda Seminary or to the community or to the South African or international community;
  • Functional - Generally describe and identify the principal activity and purpose, e.g., Mutipurpose Hall;
  • Geographic – position, e.g., Clinic Entrance.


The authority for naming rests with the Board of Governors.


  • Any member of the Inanda Seminary community, i.e., students, staff, alumnae and Board of Governors may propose names;
  • Each proposal must have supporting documents that includes: the entity to be named, a motivation, a description and history of the entity;
  • Donors seeking naming rights – Board of Governors to follow procedure and ensure this is consistent with the vision, mission, core values and goals of the Inanda Seminary;
  • Naming/Renaming proposals – to be submitted to Head of the Inanda Seminary who will forward to Board of Governors;
  • Board of Governors - evaluates and determines whether the proposal is consistent with the Naming Policy and the Inanda Seminary mission and vision after reviewing all relevant documentation including archival information where relevant;
  • Appropriate consultation with stakeholders - Staff (Head), Alumnae (Chair) before submitting to Board of Governors.


  • Where a person to be honoured is living, he or she should not be an employee or office bearer at the Inanda Seminary;
  • Entities named after persons should be in accordance with the contribution and stature of the persons concerned;
  • Written permission should, where possible, be obtained from the individual or the individual’s family or heirs before a person’s name is used.
  • No person/s living may nominate him/herself for the naming of a building.


The name of any entity in the Inanda Seminary may be changed when:

  • Individuals or organisations after whom entities have been named have been found to have acted inconsistently with the aims, goals and values of the Inanda Seminary;
  • renovations to named physical entities, the replaced or renovated entity may be renamed in recognition of another contribution;
  • Inanda Seminary has the right, for example, where a corporate donor has changed its name, to change the name of the entity in consultation with the said donor.


Considering naming and the potential embarrassment arising from changing an existing name, the procedure must be of a confidential nature but minuted in the Inanda Seminary Board of Governors’ minutes.


Each building should have at least a visible name/granite plaque indicating the name of the building.

Additional options:

  • The person/persons present at the naming;
  • The date in which it was so named;
  • The date of construction of the building/entity.


Inanda Seminary archives should contain the detail surrounding the selection of the name/naming of each building/entity on its campus.

Compiled by: JAT Tate (Head); May 2017
Implementation responsibility: Board of Governors
University of KwaZulu-Natal Naming Policy ref CO 03/0210/09