Multi-Purpose Centre Proposal

A new multi-purpose centre is proposed for Inanda Seminary. Donors are being sought for this initiative. A full proposal document and drawings can be found here:

pdfMPC - Proposal

pdfMPC - Drawings

Development Objectives

The building of a multi-purpose centre at Inanda Seminary will address the following development objectives:

  • Sport provides for the holistic development of the learner
  • Sport has the ability to overcome social barriers and empower learners by helping to reduce social exclusion and promote lifelong learning.
  • By participating in sport activities with other community members, a shared space and experience is created that helps break down negative perceptions and enables the learners to focus on what they have in common.
  • Participation in sport can build self-respect, self-esteem, confidence and enhance the leadership capabilities of learners.
  • Expansion of the KICP community programme
  • Community of Practice collaboration with local Principals

Immediate objectives

  • Provide a sporting facility that can be used every day no matter what the weather
  • Opportunity for more inter-school festivals and tournaments to be hosted by Inanda Seminary
  • Access for the local community to exceptional sporting facilities
  • Access to improved training facilities for multi-sports codes
  • The creation of a sporting hub
  • Recreational space for the Inanda Seminary members during the weekends
  • Access to additional educational space for the KICP educational programme
  • Enabling there to be a community venue for larger meetings.