Term 2 Roundup 2019

Term 2 is always a busy term at Inanda. In the first half of the term, the houses battle it out for the ultimate Inter-house title in various events, and then there are the exams at the end of the term. Some highlights are as follows...

 Open Day

On Open Day we showcased all that our school has to offer as we welcomed prospective members and their families. {igallery id=1274|cid=42|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Africa Day

On Africa Day, staff dressed up and the members presented various items in celebration of our being an African school. {igallery id=5288|cid=46|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Mothers' Day

Since all the women who work at Inanda are mothers to the members, as shown in their being addressed as "Mah", Mothers' Day is a celebration of this motherly spirit in the school, as well as the role of mothers in families outside. Various items were presented after the women staff members had been led in by their respective "air hostesses".{igallery id=4623|cid=47|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Steel Drums Festival

The top Steel Drums classes in Grade 8 and 9 travelled to UKZN for the annual Steel Drums Festival. This is a great opportunity to hear some other schools, and generally to enjoy the drums and all they have to offer. Our Grade 9 team returned with the 2nd place trophy. {igallery id=6823|cid=49|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Market Day

Market Day is a chance for Grade 8s to exercise their entrepreneurial skills. After weeks of planning and preparing, the school is given the opportunity to purchase various mouth-watering items which are on offer. {igallery id=7313|cid=43|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Cross Country

Everyone gets to participate in the Cross Country, running on a route around the school campus. Points from the event go towards the inter-house trophy scores. {igallery id=7907|cid=44|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Sports Day

Sports Day is, unsurprisingly, a colourful, noisy and joyful event. It starts with each of the four houses performing dance routines, and then the athletics begins. The events include piggy-back, sack race, wheelbarrow and tug-of-war, in addition to more traditional races and field events. {igallery id=6972|cid=45|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

The Individual Winners in each grade were as follows:

  • Grade 12: Gcinile, Mkizwana
  • Grade 11: Yolanda, Cain
  • Grade 10: Lungile, Machi
  • Grade 9: Entle, Yazini
  • Grade 8: Chriselda, Mangwiro

The House Scores were as follows:

  • 371 Mshiyeni
  • 326 Aggrey
  • 246 Dube
  • 230 Mafukuzela

Fathers' Day

Fathers are also celebrated in a special assembly. All the men who work at the school are celebrated as fathers who contribute immeasurably to the lives of the members. {igallery id=2141|cid=48|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

Out & About

And in between the big events of the term, life goes on...{igallery id=7262|cid=50|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}