Introductory Videos

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 Why don't you come and join us?

The Bhambayi Project Challenge called on us to Woza, to join them in celebrating the power of working together. Our matrics spent 67 minutes learning the Bhambayi Project dance and then teaching it to the rest of the school. Advertising proceeds will assist the Bhambayi Project.

Inanda Seminary: Shine your Light

 Inanda Seminary: Open Circles

Inanda Seminary: The Journey of a Lifetime

Members of Inanda Seminary voice their thoughts on various aspects of school life in unscripted reflections. Spending time at Inanda as a Member is an unforgettable and life-changing journey of sisterhood, all in the safety of the boarding experience.

 Meet and Greet: Students and Teachers

Two students (a grade 8 and a grade 12), the grade 8 grade head, a teacher who is an old girl, and the head of the hostel welcome prospective students to Inanda Seminary.

Inanda Seminary: 2021 SRC Chair's Welcome

Inanda Seminary: A Brief Introduction

Inanda Seminary Virtual Open Day 2020