Introductory Videos

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 Inanda Seminary: Shine your Light

 Inanda Seminary: Open Circles

Inanda Seminary: The Journey of a Lifetime

Members of Inanda Seminary voice their thoughts on various aspects of school life in unscripted reflections. Spending time at Inanda as a Member is an unforgettable and life-changing journey of sisterhood, all in the safety of the boarding experience.


Meet and Greet: Students and Teachers

Two students (a grade 8 and a grade 12), the grade 8 grade head, a teacher who is an old girl, and the head of the hostel welcome prospective students to Inanda Seminary.

Inanda Seminary: 2021 SRC Chair's Welcome

Inanda Seminary Open Day 2021: Executive Director's Welcome

Inanda Seminary: A Brief Introduction

Inanda Seminary Virtual Open Day 2020