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Welcome to Inanda Seminary

The Inanda Seminary is an independent, girls' secondary school situated in Inanda township near Durban, South Africa.
Since 1869 it has built a proud reputation for educating black South African women who have gone into the world exemplifying the school’s motto of
Shine Where You Are.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

View our Class of 2020 Jerusalema Challenge video which celebrates 151 years of Inanda Seminary creativity.

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Academic Excellence

Inanda Seminary is an academic school. We are a learning community where staff and students alike are constantly challenged to grow and develop. Every girl is given the opportunity to attain her potential with the support of the dedicated, enthusiastic staff. 



Inanda Seminary is a full boarding school with a rich set of traditions. All students get to learn to live in community with others. The school is the ideal place to learn leadership, emotional intelligence and self-reliance, whilst forging life-long bonds of friendship.




Inanda Seminary is a Christian school. Chapel attendance is compulsory and frequent, providing a foundation for all that happens at the school. Girls are encouraged to deepen their faith, and apply it in their day to day lives through their lived values.


Sport and

Inanda Seminary offers a variety of sports and other extra-mural activities to provide girls with the opportunity to get fit, have fun, and develop their skills. While teams compete in local leagues, the aim is to open up leisure activities which offer lifelong enrichment.


Inanda News

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