Admission Procedure

Application process

Parents wishing to enrol their daughters are provided with a prospectus on the school (containing all details such as school fees, courses offered etc) and also an application form.

Parents pay a R600 administration fee.
Parents and prospective pupils are invited to attend an Open Day held in the 2nd Term.

Interview process

Parents are invited to attend an interview with the Principal or a member of the management team, with their daughter.
At this interview, the applicant is invited to answer verbal questions and read from a relevant piece of literature. The aptitude of the applicant in English is carefully assessed.

Following this, the applicant and her parent/s are informed of the core values of the school and what the school offers and expects.
The cost of educating their daughter at Inanda Seminary is fully explained. All compulsory activities are covered by the school fees.
Any prospective student is required to sign a declaration saying she has been fully informed of and will comply with the core values and code of conduct of the school.
Her parent is required to witness such a declaration.
All applicants are given: a Prospectus, Code of Conduct, Uniform requirement list, and stationery requirement list.
All new applicants are then given an orientation tour of the school property.

Selection criteria of new students

Inanda Seminary has at its core a holistic education programme, which upholds Christian values and philosophies and embraces African tradition and heritage. Thus any student being admitted to the school needs to understand and accept this fact.
The school does not offer remedial education, so, therefore, does not knowingly enrol students with Special Education needs.
Parents or sponsors need to be able to afford the fees due.
Acceptance is determined by the availability of space in the requested grade. Grade numbers should not exceed 35 per class.


The school does not enrol any new Grade 11 or 12 students. The new National Senior Certificate is based on 3 years.
Students need to select from the subject choices on offer at the Seminary for the FET.
Gr 8 is the preferred point of entry to the school.
Inanda Seminary is a fee-paying independent school. All students entering the school must be able to pay the annual fees quarterly in advance or monthly over 10 months - January to October each year.

Acceptance of Students

Students are generally admitted to commence at the beginning of the year.
Applications are considered throughout the year for school-going students wishing to transfer provided their subject choice can be accommodated at the Inanda Seminary.

All successful applicants are given:

  • Health form to be completed by a doctor. Students are required to complete this annually.
  • A declaration to be signed by parents agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the Inanda Seminary, to pay the fees, and to allow the Principal to act in loco parentis in their absence. Parents are required to sign this annually.
  • An annual update of information form.
  • Prior to their admission parents must pay a R1200 (non-refundable) acceptance fee.

Download Application & Confidential Report Forms