Inanda Seminary 150th Birthday - Alumnae view

Many Alumnae attended the 150th Birthday celebration held over the weekend 1-3 March.

Comment by Mandisa Mesatywa Zungu - Chair: ISAA

On behalf of the Inanda Seminary Alumnae Association (ISAA) board, I wish to extend a congratulatory message to Inanda Seminary (IS). It is critical that (IS) celebrates this milestone. IS has been a home from home for 150 years for many many African women who are now spread all over the world, doing wonderful and great things. IS created an environment conducive for learning for girls in a country that has been highly affected by the ills of apartheid. This celebration also demonstrates the ability of african people to build and protect their institutions. Since the 1950s, the alumnae of IS have worked hand in hand with the school to ensure longevity, sustainability and production of excellence. Halala Inanda Seminary Halala, here is to another 150 years of success!!!!!

With best wishes
Mandisa Mesatywa Zungu - Chair: ISAA


Letter from Mandisa Mesatywa Zungu - Chair: ISAA

Dear Judy, Kim and staff

Inanda Seminary, our family, our home, our alma mater, Ikhaya lomemba, Congratulations on a splendid celebratory weekend function on reaching 150 years. It was a beautiful awesome weekend through and through with amazing planning and execution.

Still standing and producing amazing results. Our forebears bo Mah Edwards, The Lindleys, MahCele, Dr Weigerd, BabuZondi and many more did good by us. At 150 we celebrated all the Inanda current and past teachers, security guards, matrons, admin staff, our church, the friends of Inanda, power of 10, stakeholders and mostly this girl/woman called u Memba. What a family!

The celebration felt like we the Alumnae never left. In front of Lucy Lindley with the "Avenue" in full view, it went down. The whole Alumnae body says, well done! Halala. We will always feel a part of this school. We look forward to the At Home @ 150 years.

Here is to another 150 years of excellence and success!!!!!!

Shine where you are!!!

Best Regards
Mandisa Mesatywa Zungu - Chair: ISAA

A full report can be found here:

150th Birthday Celebration

A Gallery of Alumnae photos can be opened by clicking on the image below:

Speech by Esther Sbongile Sangweni

Esther Sbongile Sangweni was a student at Inanda Seminary from 1965-1969 and a teacher from 1974-1979. She was instrumental in mobilising the Power of 10. She spoke at the 150th Birthday. Her speech can be accessed here. It can be freely used, but appropriate acknowledgement must be given.

Coffee Table Book

A beautiful coffee table book, Shine: Inanda Seminary Celebrating 150 Years, has been produced to for the 150th birthday of the school. Featuring anecdotes and images from the school's past, particularly the last 50 years, the book is a wonderful tribute to Inanda Seminary, the place, the people and what it has stood for over the past 150 years. Click here for more information and details of how to purchase the book.

 cover sml