Alumnae Profiles

Teboho Seretlo

I am currently a small business owner based in Johannesburg. Following a stint of over 25 years in corporate South Africa working in various disciplines including finance, marketing, business strategy and transformation, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business. My passion for helping others grow and succeed, which came about because I was raised by teachers, resulted in me starting a business to support small businesses with virtual office admin, business planning as well as funding applications. This, in turn, helps the small business owner to focus on the day to day running of their businesses without being bogged down with administrative stuff. In addition to this, I own a premium dry-cleaning franchise in one of the suburbs on the East Rand of Jozi. Again, my passion for helping others, by providing employment for cobblers and tailors, which in turn feeds families, carries me through this business. Being a business owner requires a multiple of skills including people management skills and a flair for numbers.

Inanda Seminary played a pivotal role in preparing me for not only this current role but a role as a responsible active citizen. Our debating society taught me to be able to express myself and stand my ground, in later years when I found myself in Boardrooms full of intimidating males. In addition to this, I am an associate of an organisation called Womanomics Africa, a conversation about how women can participate meaningfully and effectively in the economic growth of the African continent. I am also a volunteer on TEDxLyttelton Women, a TED Talk platform based in Centurion Pretoria, that provides women with a platform across the globe, to share their unique ideas and amplify their voices. Needless to say, my passion for women stems from Inanda Seminary, where I learnt that my gender has nothing to do with my ability (or lack thereof). At Inanda Seminary, there were no gender-specific subjects or roles. We were taught that the world is our oyster and we could do anything we set our minds to doing. Hence I want to help other women who never had this instilled within them, to reach for the stars and be heard. In my spare time, I love to read books, a hobby I developed at Inanda, where we were encouraged to go to the library and read, read, read. I also love travelling, just to experience how others live, and to appreciate what the world has to offer.