Alumnae Profiles

Dudu Cynthia Duma

My name is Dudu Cynthia (Duma) Fakudze Class of 1970. I hardly use the Cynthia name but as you know we all used English names in the 60/70s but I have always been called Dudu.

Inanda Seminary taught me the value of respect which is why most of us Membaz respect the young and the old. The sense of caring was instilled in us. We were taught to be classy which is why our presence is always felt wherever we go.

My most outstanding Highlights are:

  • I was the 1st Black AFRICAN to be invited to the 1990/91 Library of Congress Internship Program in Washington DC, US, sponsored by the USAID. I was at the time selected when I was working for the National Library of Swaziland. My work experience at the Library of Congress included working in the African and Middle East Order Division where I compiled a Glossary of Terms which were in Nguni Languages for use in the book trade and the most interesting part of my internship was the experience of working in the Congressional Research Unit where I had to assist with searching & packaging information that was required by the Congressmen & I also had the privilege of visiting the White House.
  • I was privileged to work in The Presidency which is the highest office in the land from 2009 until my Retirement in 2017. Working in The Presidency of South Africa was my highlight as I worked in the Private Office of the President handling public enquiries sent to the President, managing the Advisory Support Services Unit which was the Directorate of the Advisors of the President and also providing logistical support during the Official Engagements of the President in South Africa and Abroad.

I have retired but I still assist people who need help in Government although I do not get paid for this. I need to mention that I have always had great passion in helping needy people.

 I treasure this Historic picture with the 1st Black President of America, Mr Barack Obama. The Private Office of the President deployed me to receive and Protocol the Heads of States from all over the world that attended Tata Mandela’s Memorial Service at the FNB Stadium in December 2013.

Dudu Barak