Alumnae Profiles

Nana Ngobese

I am a businesswoman who previously worked as DDG: Special Projects under the former Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Mr. Sbu Ndebele for several years. In that role, I experienced first-hand the plight of women at the community level. Patriarchy still overarches the policies passed in Parliament and makes a mockery of democracy in as far as women’s liberation is concerned.

I realised that women empowerment policies on paper were not enough. Women must stand up and vote themselves into power if they want things to change. Armed with an MBA in Strategy and Marketing, I launched Women Forward on 25th June 2008 – it is the only political party led by women at all levels. That is, from ward level to national level.

It is also the first and only African women’s political party on the continent. I am a business woman and Leader of Women Forward.