Alumnae Profiles

Khanya Mahlare

I hold an MBA degree and post graduate diploma in Business Management from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal; B.Ed (Unisa). Bachelor of Administration and Higher Education Diploma (University of Fort Hare).

Looking back at just my name and the profession I am in, my name, which is one element of my brand, has changed over time. At Inanda as uMemba, I was known as Jewel Makhanya and as I moved to Fort-Hare became known as Khanya Makhanya. Now in the better part of my working life I am known as Khanya Mahlare.

The energy from Inanda Seminary never left me as I am still energetic and resourceful in handling situations and have the zeal to succeed in what I initiate. I also still have an element of playfulness in my adult life.

In marketing, I love the rush one gets as the mind becomes creative. I have acquired key skills in project formulation, strategy, marketing, communication, stakeholder engagement and branding. I have extensive experience in local government marketing. My work environment is structured to provide and support events and associated PR work, branding and marketing, communication, Alumni relations and strategic partnerships.

As a student at Inanda Seminary, I served as deputy chair of the Entertainment Committee where we had to look at keeping oMemba “happy” on Saturdays. Then I also sold stamps, confectionary (doughnuts, current squares, coconut cakes) and pies during break for fundraising. Even sold MaMbili’s peanuts.

I am currently serving as the Head of the Marketing subcommittee of the Inanda Seminary Alumnae Association (ISAA) and a member of the Board of Governors of the school.