At Home 2022 Principal's Address

Greetings to the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, members of the Board of Governors present, The Power of Ten, our guest speaker, invited guests, parents, Inanda Seminary Staff and current members. It is such an honour to share this special occasion with you. And we are so grateful to God for His mercy and protection over our school which has allowed us to meet together this year.

This year I am not going to go through the full annual report because this is an internal function. The Board are aware of all that has transpired, and the Members and staff were there for it.

After two years of the pandemic, we started 2022 with the knowledge that a crisis is a revealer and an accelerator. We know that, as it reveals we have to adjust and adapt to the new ways of doing things because leading out of the crisis needs a different mindset that requires flexibility and agility. So as we have transformed, we were aware that transformation is not a destination but an invitation to start again. And as we started again we have chosen to focus on our vision, mission and the core values of our school. Aligning to the core values of honesty, self-discipline, responsibility, loyalty, respect and sociability, we used a quote taken from Michael E. Debakey as our 2022 theme. The first part of the quote reads, ‘Real success requires respect for and faithfulness to the highest human values,’ before listing a number of noble characteristics. This was used as a model for reestablishing what it means to be a Member at this time. . As we continue with the process of building better we understand that things will never be normal because nothing is profound but the choice is ours as to how we respond to that.

An American physician, philosopher and author, Debasish Mridha once said, ‘The beauty of life does not reside in certainty or conformity, It resides in the infinite possibilities of uncertainty’. Our 2021 Matric results proved this to be true. As we navigated through the uncertainty presented to us by COVID-19 our class of 2021 produced outstanding results. Class of 2022 I am optimistic that you are also going to make us proud, no pressure.

This year we are bidding farewell to the two staff members who have served the school for 11 years with kindness and humility.
Mr D Govender has served as the Head of English and Academic Director, He has touched so many lives at our school, and has contributed immensely to the academic growth of our students and staff.
Mrs Barbara Stoner has served as the Head of Science and this year came as part-time life science teacher and a mentor to the newly appointed life science teachers. Besides her academic role she has been responsible for all of the flower arrangements for all our school functions including the beautiful arrangement in this hall today.

To the class of 2022;
This year you are closing the chapter of your high school life which you started in 2018 with maNgidi in Phelps Hall.
Thank you for the memories and the footprints you are leaving behind. The school management, staff and members are grateful for your servant leadership. We wish you well as you venture out into the world.
When you encounter life challenges, remember why you started on this journey. Weather the storms and do not settle for less. Look out for moments that will transform your life. Do not get stuck in failure and stop moving.

Every success that you see is most often just the tip of the iceberg. There is often a lot going on underneath, and so don’t be discouraged if things are more difficult than you expected. We know that you can finish strong. Allow yourself to endure pain because on the other side of pain there is strength. Go out there and claim your spaces, Shine your Light, spark off and ripple out your passion. The world is your oyster.

I would like to leave you with the wise words of William Arthur Ward
‘The optimist lives on the peninsula of infinite possibilities, the pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision.’

Thank you